Gamer best restaurants in Japan

Something people say you can’t really go wrong but actually that’s not true: Yoshinoya is not recommended, go to Matsuya instead.  Gogo and Joto curry are popular and it’s a wonder why.  This page will get an update as there are many wonderful places to eat, so please enjoy the first set.  Note that the cafes are really just places to rest at, not purveyors of fine cuisine (no matter what good pics you see), and theme cafes are for the theme experience.

Low Budget Spending




Coco ichi Halal Curry House

Excelsior Caffe


Standing Sushi

Medium Budget Spending

Onihei *FGC

Sakachan-chi *FGC

Bar Lucy *FGC

Evangelion Bar

Square Enix Eateries (updated photos!)


Tsukiji Market NOTE: has now moved to TOYOSU

Maid Cafes

Neko Cafes

Ichiran Ramen

Mutekiya Ramen

Kushikatsu Daruma

Kani Doraku

Good Smile Animate Cafe

Vampire Cafe

Alice Cafe


Ninja Asakusa


High Budget Spending

Matsusaka M


Hamayu at the Grand Nikko


Zero budget spending

If you want to eat really cheaply, check out these tips.

FGC recommendations

@PLUCKCURRY   is actually an Indian style curry house, with a branch in Akiba.
Red Rock Cafe M
Kikanbo Ramen

Nidaime Budoka

Yokohama style Ramen. Unlimited refill rice is only 50 yen! It’s guaranteed to fill you up.
In Nakano Station, 1 block away from where the Red Bull Gaming Sphere venue is. Just tell them the pro gamer from Chile sent you xD
Does not accept credit cards
nidaime budoka

Gamer landmarks and things to visit in Japan

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