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A few of the FGC work in the restaurant area and so certain places become famous hang out spots.  Sakanchanchi is one of them. Vane-san works there and is an avid Angel player, so give his channel a sub before anything else!  The restaurant is known for its healthy winter Oden dishes, so please come and visit, but they have other new dishes in supply!  Many famous FGC players (M’, Mov, Lagia, SR …) have come here to eat, and there used to be a wall of signatures, but this was cleared during the pandemic, it may come back if you ask the owner enough times :3

Nearest metro station is Shin-ochanomizu Station on the Chiyoda linem then Ogawamachi on the Shinjuku line Ochanomizu or Awajicho on the Marunouchi Line. It’s on the third floor of this building.

Map link   ?101-0062 Tokyo, Chiyoda City, Kanda Surugadai, 3 Chome?1?1 ???? 3?


If you didn’t know, Oden is a Japanese stew of meat and vegetables, more often consumed during the winter but can be found in the other seasons too, it’s warm, hearty and delicious!

If you have friends, you can reserve the room upstairs to have a gaming session (please check with the restaurant).

Below you might recognise FGC vistors who came to eat! The wall of signatures may be gone now, sadly, but it may return, if the demand is great (but please ask politely).

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