Neko Cafes


Buy a coffee and watch cats sleep, play or just watch them watching you.  The prudent gaijin will skip the coffee and just come to pet the cats.  Some don’t want to petted; some don’t want to be petted specifically by you.  These are real cats! You can try to gain their approval by using the supplied toys and then realise you’ve paid for 10 mins and time’s up…  but hey it’s all about the experience…

It can be very relaxing, to a point where you wonder if there’s a sedative in the air…

Some hostesses will talk to you about their favourite cats so you can proud, go home and say you spoke to a native. Just don’t mention you paid to do it…

The cat cafe visited was Boku Neko Akiba (300 yen for 10 mins) which is right next to Cat Cafe Mocha, which is much bigger and charges 550 for 10 mins including an obligatory drink.

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