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B1, Dear Plaza Akasaka, Akasaka 4-3-28,

Minato Ward, Tokyo 107-0052
Nearest station: Akasaka (Chiyoda Line)

As the fear of Mad Cow disease fades, the import ban has been relaxed and Wagyu beef is now finding its way to various countries.  However, the price and authenticity is still a factor as to why customers may pay something silly for just a bite; very often the wagyu burger in the west is the size of a Russian hamster.

There isn’t just one type, several in fact, and the real cattle can be traced to which area and which farm it came from, giving them the labels of Kobe, Matsusaka, Sanda etc.  To check what Wagyu beef actually is, click here. 

While you could just visit Kobe and eat it locally, Tokyo has its own restaurant dedicated to this special meat.  It’s expensive, and the decor reflects it, with refined guests to match- don’t come in your flip flops!

Photo courtesy of http://www.a511.tokyo/en/home/floor.php

Expect to pay 20,000 yen ($178 usd) for a course including 150g steak.  You could get smaller cuts and just look sheepish.  Good luck!   They’ll expect you to buy a bottle of wine too… but you can just buy a glass…

kobe beef
I died

The damn thing is incredible. So fatty, it can do nothing but melt in your mouth.  After a few bites, you have to consider whether you really prefer the bbq thin slice style of eating… but hey, it’s the experience you came here for.  I was thankful for the sides and wine to balance the feeling of drowning in hot butter.  Just incredible.

While the price may scare, foodies need to try at least one type of Wagyu beef, so at least grab the Kobe burger on the menu (1700 yen) and scratch off that notch on your belt!  Note that some of the smaller dishes are limited in stock per day!

If you’re in Osaka, go try Matsusaka M, which is great for its menu which offers a variety of cuts.

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