Top 10 KOFXV Mods – How to install KOFXV mods – why SNK was right

   FGC News   September 22, 2022  No Comments

Ok, so the poll ended. Check it out, notice I said “SEXY” Mai skin. You’d probably imagine it’s a no-brainer, it’s gonna sell like hot cakes, right? Well.  There’s something to say about audiences.

Movie director to work on MOW2?

As fans here know very well, Masami Obari worked on the Fatal Fury Motion Picture and it was a dream come true for Yasuyuki Oda to have him collaborate on the

New SF6 Trailers show so much content…

   FGC News   September 15, 2022  No Comments

tldr, Tekken 8 are gonna have to pull their socks up. And by what Harada’s saying, they haven’t put rollback in, or he wants to announce it later, but if they are trying out some other netcode and decide to put in rollback later, they are gonna have a horrendous…

Tekken 8 reveal and the hero conundrum of RGG8

   FGC News ,,   September 14, 2022  No Comments

Blimey. I guess I’ll do a reaction video but of course it’ll get swallowed up by the entertainment videos where they pretend to be excited but I digress, games are entertainment and let’s not pretend any critical thinking would ever be more popular.  Definitely not jelly no, me, never! (…

CVS3 on the cards? Doubt it.

   FGC News   September 3, 2022  No Comments

So, everyone and their uncle is getting hype over Oda’s comment that both companies are interested in a sequel.  The thing is, it shouldn’t be taken seriously, right now, but, for the future, it’s a good sign. So many outlets picked up this one remark during an interview at Gamescom…

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