EVO Japan 2024 – the hopium has not been exhausted

So you know I like playing KOF, right? That’s why I don’t update much here. The last post was about doom and gloom if SNK didn’t say anything at the end of SWC.  Well they didn’t, but they also dropped a hint, kind of.  And then they dropped another one (see below).

Anyway, as we said, the hopium would be huffed until EVO USA, and this weekend it’s EVO Japan! Continue reading “EVO Japan 2024 – the hopium has not been exhausted”

SNKWC and Death Knell or Rebirth for KOF

It feels like this weekend will make or break me, to be honest.  Still, this weekend will be a killer tournament, arguably better than EVO, as it collects the cream of the crop from around the globe, evening out the income inequalities with all flights paid by SNK.  And yet, still not the pinnacle of a KOF tournament, due to visa issues holding certain players back.  And then there’s that announcement at the end… Continue reading “SNKWC and Death Knell or Rebirth for KOF”

Is that it? 2nd Anniversary of #KOFXV

Players who pre-ordered got to start playing on February 14, but today, 17th February, is the day that the game was officially released worldwide.  So, SNK posted a little message:

Continue reading “Is that it? 2nd Anniversary of #KOFXV”

Morocco SNKWC Qualifiers in Casablanca #kofxv #cwf

Casablanca World Fighters is this weekend! Refresh this page until this message disappears, as we will keep adding info.

With over 100 participants, watch out for KOFXV & over 40 players for KOFXIII, these tournaments are going to be siiiick!

Date: Sat 27 – Sun 28 Jan

Location: Atlas Gaming Continue reading “Morocco SNKWC Qualifiers in Casablanca #kofxv #cwf”

Hinako, pls! SNK Qualifiers: East Asia, Saudi, Morocco

Updated with stream link for the tournament in Saudi!

Dunno what happened but Thursday night was kicking off, and I can still hang fairly well with the Immortals, kek.  The sad part is that it’s down to players like me who take the time to host and then can’t do much else because of course the lobbies are not up to KOF14 standard.  Still today, KOFXV gets reviews about bad matchmaking, even though the matchmaking is now fixed.  The irony is that there are a good amount of rooms but the system isn’t listing them all and of course everyone’s default setting is their own region.  Some players don’t even know how to change their settings and sit in a practically private room wondering why nobody will join them.  The invite button on steam still doesn’t do anything for me.  I have a good feeling these issues will be cleared up for COTW but at such a huge cost to KOF.  Anyway, Gunsmith is still here and still supporting, along with the other heads in the community and the myriad of nonsensical Discord rooms! And let’s not forget that kofxv has overall good reviews (82%) today. Play it! (Oh wait I’m talking to the choir again) Continue reading “Hinako, pls! SNK Qualifiers: East Asia, Saudi, Morocco”

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