Sylvie 1v1 Tournament + Neogeonow Interview!

The Sylvie Fan Frenzy has begun! She’s less whacky, more cute, and with a new costume, new moves, a crossup attack and new command throw, she may well be top tier!  This Saturday we’ll focus entirely on her with a singles tournament with ONLY Sylvie players!

Win a trip to EVO, Competition starts May 26

You thought certain companies posted prize pots very late? Well, Sony did the same today, it’s the 17th and the tournament series begins on the 26th!  At least players don’t have to worry about booking a train or flight, as this is online.  HOWEVER (in Antonov’s voice), entry is not…

the #SylviePaulaPaula roundup! #KOFXV

*update with some new attack patterns and fixed some tweets that weren’t displaying *updated with streams! Art, combos, framedata and some attack patterns for SNK’s newest dlc character. In only a day, her trailer has half the views of Kim’s!  She has a new crossup C, a new command throw,…

SNK extends feedback deadline #KOFXV_CPOBT

   FGC News   May 1, 2023  No Comments

The response to the beta test was unanimously positive but it wasn’t perfect!  However, it looks like it’s going to be great for the fans who still play and good development experience for SNK, for their future products.  Make sure you fill out the feedback form! Deadline is May 7th! …

KOFXV OBT Hopes and Fears: a lot of fears & not a lot of hope

?KOF XV?Play as all 54 characters in the game!Enjoy the Cross-Platform OBT even without owning the game! ?Test PeriodThu, Apr 27th (8 PM PDT) – Sun, Apr 30th (7:59 AM PDT) ?PlatformsPS5/PS4/Xbox Series X|S/Win 10/Steam/Epic Games #KOF15 — SNK GLOBAL (@SNKPofficial) April 21, 2023 SNK’s netcode has been improving…

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