Let’s get new KOFXV Mods!

Mods are such great fun and give new life to the game! Now I’ve spent $65 on mods and I’ll spend a bit more, so I hope you’re enjoying these! Every donator gets an early copy if the goal is reached (JUNE 16)! If not, don’t worry, it will go…

A Rejuvination #kofxv

Wow. What is SNK thinking? The battle planner has made some system changes that are not exactly in line with the initial intention – at least what we surmised – of slowing the game down. In the following video I take a quick look at the system notes and the…

Pre-orders now open: The King of Fighters : the Ultimate History

Bought it without even thinking and now that I’ve run through the free pdf you get, I can say it’s worth it as a fan, buuuuuuuut I might take off a few marks due to some things I noticed.  It cannot be helped I guess.

The Honeymoon is over #KOFXV

Two months have passed and SNK hasn’t posted anything like “x million sales celebration” while there are some steam tracking apps that report KOFXV sold a good amount indeed. The game is great but many casuals have left, leaving SNK with the real hardcore player base, who right now have…

NOW Top 8 Stream Official KOFXV Tournament Koch Media

The top 8 will be streamed in a moment! 16:00 GMT+2 Make sure to tune in and cheer our very own CharlyBeatz! And everyone else, of course! Stream Brackets Here are the brackets: Comment Controversial as ever, Koch Media has tried to stage a tournament that can bring together…

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