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Why Donate at all?

Why support?  What do you get?  Simple: more prescence and content for KOF. If you want KOF to spread, we need people to keep playing it and being public about it, not everyone can do that and it’s not easy.

  • A dedicated stream with knowledgeable and helpful commentary
  • Social Networks and website speading KOF info and artworks
  • Behind the scenes, I work with organisations to co-ordinate and support the players.  Who made that poster? Who retweeted that info?  Who helped who get in touch with the right person?  Who did the research and supplied the info to people who needed help? It was I, Di— Gunsmith!  And I do a lot more than anyone knows and I don’t go crying for credit *cough*.  However, I will ask for financial support!  And if you have a brand that needs exposure, please get in touch (leave a comment or email admin “at sign” orochinagi “dot symbol” com !)
ON.Gunsmith has been doing work for the community since 1997, in fact.

Other things that cost money, as you know:

  • Equipment (which needs replacing/upgrading)
  • Travel and entering tournaments, just to support attendance
  • Time spent advising and spreading the good word of KOF
  • Time spent working as unpaid, unofficial community manager, hosting rooms, streaming and supporting; running tournaments when I should be just playing!

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