Kushikatsu Daruma

While walking the Dotombori, you may notice a shop with a larger than life facade of a fierce looking man.  This is actually a popular restaurant for its fried foods.  

Playing Kiwami 2, you may well realise the theme tune that plays inside is most probably connected to this video…

The outside is identical and note there are at least two branches on the real street.  Inside is also authentic!

If you’ve gone through the menu, you’ve got a good idea of what to expect: everything is deep friend yet light and crispy! The famous sauce often is a source of embarrassment for tourists – when presented with the steel tub you realise there’s no way to dispense a quantity for yourself, so you have to dip your skewer into it.  I remember thinking it was a bit gross, but when in Rome… BUT NO!  Do not dip more than once into the sauce!  It’s written on the menu!  There are signs on the wall!  Do not double dip!

In the game, next door is a fugu restaurant which I haven’t tried myself… but that’s been replaced (!?) by another Kani Doraku in real life.