24 branches across Tokyo.  Recognisable often by a golden cow somewhere on the premises.

Reviewed here is the Asakusa Branch: Yubinbango111-0034 Taito-ku, Tokyo Kaminarimon 1-15-10

If Kobe beef is too expensive but you’d like to have that Yakiniku classy experience, this is a great choice.

 The most expensive item in the menu is ¥14K platter for four people, with a variety of premium cuts.  At the other end, it costs around 2400yen for a single wagyu dish, beer and sides being separate.  There are lean cuts available too…

The taste is all about the choice sirloin cuts grilled over  shimmering steel buckets of charcoal with chilled glasses of draft beer.  Let the fat drizzle off into the following stones and enjoy crisp yet succulent strips of high quality beef.  Mushrooms and baby sweet corn on the cob shouldn’t taste this good, bbq’d and dipped into soy sauce. The Korean pancakes are also excellent!  A side of rice is recommended to fill up the bigger appetite, otherwise the orders are going to rack up quickly!  Overall a great time- Wagyu has to be experienced!

The Asakusa branch has several floors, the ground floor with western seating, while the upper floors with seating that is set beneath the floor, or just cushions in traditional Japanese rooms – this can be painful for those not used to sitting on the floor so do ask.

Resist the temptation to kick down the doors and interrupt a meeting like in the Yakuza series and then run up to the rooftop and jump on a helicopter.


Inside room photo courtesy of Heijouen website

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