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As part of the Queen of Fighters Series, here are 10 questions with Artiko Kashir!  This interview is with Tania, our FGC journalist, who works with IGN Latin America!


1. How did you come to know about The King of Fighters ?
I met the game when I was 14 years old. I was in high school and I was already playing Street Fighter in the arcades, I was always felt attracted to the fighting games. One day suddenly next to the SF machine was KOF 97, I played it and realized how much I liked it. I met Iori and since then I have not stopped playing KOF and Yagami has always been my favorite character, like my teenager crush.

2. Your favorite team of all time ?
Women Fighters and Yagami Team.

3. What you think about KOF XIV ?
I think it is a good game, and although it is not as popular as it was at the time KOFXIII, I think it is a great evolution and has many things to offer players, especially in terms of characters and in the competitive field .

4. Do you have any other favorite SNK games ?
Of course, yes: Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Metal Slug and Fatal Fury.


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5. What you think about the fighting games community ?
I think it is a very strong community that has achieved great things in the field of esports over time. Talking about professional players is no longer limited to games like DOTA, LOL, FIFA or Starcraft, now the fighting games are gaining public attention, especially in the West. Although I still consider that there is a lot of work to be done, especially in the American community, I can say that there are great advances. Outside of that, the FGC is a great family where great friends and the most special people in my life have come from.

6. Can you tell us about your passions?
I love writing stories, especially those that make people know more about the world of FG and esports. Besides that, I like music a lot: I love to dance and play the saxophone. But traveling is my great passion, and if I can also combine it with tournament fighting games, it’s what I enjoy the most.


Tania with her little Iori


7. What was your best event / tournament so far?
It’s hard to say because I’ve enjoyed each one, however, I think the different EVOs I’ve attended have been the most special because of the quality of the event and the number of people I’ve met and who have become friends afterwards. besides the interviews to top players that I have been able to do thanks to EVO. Without a doubt they have been an unparalleled experience.

8. You are a FGC journalist. Do you remember the funniest thing that happened to you?

At EVO 2016 I had arranged an interview with Daigo. For some reason, the interview, which was already agreed, had been delayed. In that trip I took my daughter with me as a reward for her elementary school graduation. She had 12 years old at that time and she is a fan of Daigo, so she was very excited with the idea of meeting him. Before the interview, we met with Daigo, who was walking through the casinos of the hotel where EVO was held, and when she saw Daigo, she screamed and ran after him to give him a hug with all her strength. She took a picture with him, cried and 5 minutes later (which those should’ve been the most uncomfortable ones for Daigo), I had to order her to let him go, with Daigo thanked me for that with a smile. Two days later we had the interview -finally- and The Beast, who didn’t speak english, said through his interpret that he was really grateful that my daughter was a fan of him, but she was a girl who speaks too much and a really intense one. I was really ashamed because of that, I could only think how ashamed I was. In the end Daigo gave her a T-shirt, his autograph and some cookies. Needless to say, despite of the embarrassing incident, It is one of the interviews I have enjoyed the most.


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9. How your fans can contact you ?

They can do it through Twitter : @TaniaMichel

Facebook : Tania Moreno or Instagram: @tanyamira

Instagram : @tanyamira


10. Tell us about your future plans, what we can expect ?

I definitely want to do more interviews with pro players with whom I have not yet been able to chat and have more coverage of FG tournaments. For now I collaborate in IGN Latinamerica, but I would like in the medium term to create content for some own multimedia platform where I can dedicate more time to interviews and various events. In the same way I would like to learn to cast to narrate KOF tournaments.



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