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KOF by Norio Shioyama

In an old copy of Animage, artists were asked to draw characters in their own style. Shioyama, animator, illustrator, character designer, and animation director, known for Armoured Trooper Votoms, Tiger Mask, Mobile Suit Victory Gundam, Inuyasha and Yakitate Japan, drew KOF. Before we see that, here’s an example of his…

Iori Yagami Lighter CVS Millennium Fight 2000

Published by Alan Creations House Original Price ?? Current Market price US$50 Suggested price for mint: US$100 rarity drop 0% where to buy : seen on ebay, other versions on yahoo japan auctions While it may no longer be cool to smoke, back in 2000 this was an incredibly expensive…

SNK Fans

   merchandise,museum   March 17, 2019  No Comments

Here we have two fans to show you, and may be able to expand on this page in the future. Published by SNK Original Price 0 yen Current Market price ? rarity drop 0% where to buy : nope The first is a Fatal fury 2 fan that was probably used…

Neowave Cards

   arcade,museum ,   March 11, 2019  No Comments

Published by Sammy / SNK Original Price 500 yen Current Market price ? rarity drop 0% where to buy  ??? Memory cards are used to save data for games, and these were produced for the arcades as well. Here are some for the Atomiswave arcade machine, owned by Giby. I…

KOF XIV Crest Key Chain

Published by Current Market price $12 rarity drop 100% where to buy: One of the first western licensees to take the plunge with SNK post rebirth, fangamer released this keyring based on the KOFXIV shield logo. Designed by Tony Kuchar, it measures 1.5 inch wide and is made…

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