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Nihon-kai Sushi Asakusa Review

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Right then, it’s about time I share my photos and review everything while I’m waiting for KOFXVI.  Nihon-Kai is a lively izakaya spot where you can talk as loud as you want, the locals will be just as loud. While the beef isn’t that great to be honest, the seafood and sushi is bountiful, delicious and highly recommended. [ map link ]

Having visited many times, you can see business people getting rat faced, families getting rowdy & tourists revelling in the high quality sushi and Asahi on tap. Notice the photo of the fresh grapefruit sour, it’s literally grapefruit that you squeeze yourself! Awesome!

As an izakaya they also serve grilled steak, fish, cheese filled mince patties, Chinese style rice, various skewers and other bits and bobs but in my opinion you should be coming here for the sushi. It’s my go-to in Asakusa.

Look at the meat of this fish.  Look at it.  Look at the flesh, the consistency.  It’s not like the rubber you can find in cheaper places.  Look at the sinews, the strands of fat strewn within the cuts, it’s absolutely delicious!!

 There are two floors and downstairs usually has a waiting list. By the way, the sushi bar downstairs is more quiet and sombre, a different vibe for sure, but can be lively too.

After asking to buy their sushi tea mug for few years, they finally put them on sale, only for them to sell out during our most recent visit, so grab one if you see any in stock.

There are still many other places to try however, if you find reservations are full, but I would simply ask your hotel staff to help you book a table. It will be busy during the weekend and variably at other times.

Always lively, with friendly staff who also speak English, it’s not cheap but a highly recommended quality Sushi restaurant. Oh my goodness, looking at our photos makes me salivate!!! So great ?

There’s a special story behind this dessert, it’s not on the menu…

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