#Hypespotting4 + The Future of FGC?

HYPE Hypespotting has cemented its place as THE premier event in the UK, with a swish location, international guests and finally as a Capcom Qualifier.  The entrance badges were awesome and join my collection with rather a lot of pride hehe. In Ultra, Mago took the qualifier, beating his Mad Catz comrade Tokido….

Not had enough? MORE #TOKIDO #XIAN AND #MAGO Next Weekend! #USF4

WELLL SO MUCH FOR 2ND PLACE FOREVER That Bonchan and Tokido rivalry may be on the backburner for now but Tokido might just take it out on someone else next weekend at HYPESPOTTING. Nemo? What? Everyone using Rolento now? Xian, Tokido and Mago will all be down along with Problem X,…

#IGT2014 Photos & Info #cafeid #hypespotting

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Brackets should be here but no official word so far.  Here’s the schedule. Note the event will be on during the night for Europe from midnight to 8am lol so don’t forget beforehand you can catch Hypespotting with action featuring Ryan Hart, BigFool, Problem X and Valmaster! Pools.     Here…

#jojo_asb English ver. First Look

Unequalled Media had the first UK Jojo Event recently, and here you’ll get to see some of the game’s English translations and infamous name changes… lol Your next chance will be in Birmingham  on the 22nd/23rd March and in Scotland at Hypespotting 3 – 29th 30th March!  Mr E will be…

#IVGC Photos by @lauragrb

Thanks to Laura & Neo Penny! The rest are from yours truly :3 Soooooo next tournaments: Hypespotting, Global ID, Stunfest, Republic of Fighters, SSD Gaming, Summer Event and Apocaplypse in Paris.  More info up next!!!