Maximum Impact Glasgow Streaming Now #KOF

With the pressure to put SFV everywhere, tune in and give them your support!!! Watch live video from Fakery on Will the UK prime minister triumph? Or will Scotland’s Atma prevail with independence?

#jojo_asb English ver. First Look

Unequalled Media had the first UK Jojo Event recently, and here you’ll get to see some of the game’s English translations and infamous name changes… lol Your next chance will be in Birmingham  on the 22nd/23rd March and in Scotland at Hypespotting 3 – 29th 30th March!  Mr E will be…

#Hypespotting #SF4AE French Qualifier Finals

THE MATCHES   Spoilers:         Valmaster is now confirmed going to Hypespotting.  Tickets are booked! But …. He will not be part of Team RAID. It will be … a new team. A new team who will be sending him to IVGC!  

Road To Hype + Trailer!

Versus Scotland is pleased to announce the first of our Road To Hypespotting Qualifiers on January 12th at 1LevelUp Glasgow. 6 pounds for Venue Entry + Casuals and 2 pounds entry per tournament. Seeding points are on the line for the top 3 participants for each game and Hypespotting Tournament…

Keys Deployment Update

Did you win? Check your emails! Keys have been sent/ Tests are being carried out by KOFGC members in the following countries Germany via SBR UK via ON Korea via CafeiD Belgium via ON Pakistan via CX Japan via MMC&KCE Scotland via TSS France via MM Australia via ON USA…