KOF XV Review : P2: Gameplay

Graphics Gameplay Content Sound & Music Reception Gameplay Bruv, it’s KOF; that means a rushdown offensive style, focused on tricking your opponent into blocking in the wrong direction or simply hitting them before they can block.  However in KOF15, they’ve made it a bit more slow & accessible, and compensated…

KOFXV Events

Did you miss the post on twitter? Lost the bookmark for the facebook page? Visit the official SNK eSports calendar here, which contains all the supported events. For others, simply check below in comments, and of course events are RT’d on twitter through SNK’s account and mine. Announcing the official…

The Struggle for Information

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Today a few people lamented over how wikis were in danger of being left to rot, in favour of chat rooms. This is a truth, however it affects the community rather than the mainstream, and the community benefits more from interaction compared to a static text file.

Interview with #KOFXIV Producer #KOFXIII hits top 3 sales charts #FGC #ebook FREE PDF

ON.Tortita posted this link to an article about the launch of KOF98OL. Quick Summary: Yasuyuki Oda was the battle designer for SF4…..! (thx Lazie Freddy) SNK are aware of public concerns over KOF14 Producer’s favourite is KOF94 Producer is amazed at popularity of KOF in China, but doesn’t mention which one ^^ Full…

#Hypespotting4 + The Future of FGC?

HYPE Hypespotting has cemented its place as THE premier event in the UK, with a swish location, international guests and finally as a Capcom Qualifier.  The entrance badges were awesome and join my collection with rather a lot of pride hehe. In Ultra, Mago took the qualifier, beating his Mad Catz comrade Tokido….