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Horrible connections, KOFXV Beta 2, KOFAS new BS Recycle, SNK online…

   FGC News ,,,   December 21, 2021  No Comments

Updates: added some stuff about easy combos… may update this a bit more — What happened? The netcode definitely improved.  My personal internet connection did not. This is of note because we are still headed to a future where wireless is the norm, whereas a wired connection is of utmost…

Nothing to see here

   FGC News   December 15, 2021  No Comments

We are once again in a situation where you can confirm a leak is real or just keep it quiet.  When most of the community figures go silent, you know something is up. The leak is out there but it’s not being reported by the familiar gaming press, another red…

KOFXV Beta First Impressions 01

Good BUT the state of the lobby is worrying. And that PSN+ bug… Graphics: As anyone will tell you, watching streams is nothing compared to having the game in front of you. There’s still some weird looking things but overall it’s a very nice and glossy package overall. Shun Ei’s…

The KOFXV Beta is just hours away!

   FGC News ,   November 19, 2021  No Comments

And I’m riding the train home, thinking about which setups might work with Shermie and how they’re all going to fail versus Benimaru. Because that’s how it goes when you’re a veteran without delusions. You know the tools, you know the system, you know how it’s stacked against you and…

The Endgame for KOFAS

It’s been a fun ride but the experience has shown that you can only go so far with a mobile fighting game. On the other hand, there are some things that game devs can do to maintain player retention… and the challenges are similar for every game today.

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