Articles Shutdown Notice

   FGC News ,,   April 1, 2017  12 Comments

Tl;dr No more updates for the website!  Much reduced services in other areas.   As you may know, I (Alan François aka Gunsmith Cats) have been updating this website (via various URLs) since 1997. And it has not been easy. While Orochinagi has grown exponentially and still gets around 420,000…

KOF WCS, old games refusing to die, Yuzutaku, Cannes, Juicebox

Updates for KOF WCS, a great guitar cover, Tournament Replays, old games refusing to die, plus a little tabloid pop off concerning Juicebox… Reminder: Today is NEVER ENDING OPERA in London Updated Roster for World Championships! Finally someone took the time to put Alioune’s photo up (thx Harris), now the roster…

Demo version 2 out in Japan! #KOFXIV

   FGC News ,,,   December 26, 2016  1 Comment

Some notes about the demo, plus the Orochinagi xmas card! It’s out now in Japan, but as we have seen with the free Athena holiday dlc pack, it takes a while for these to reach all global stores, so we recommend waiting a few days before looking in your regional…

SNK vs Poverty

   FGC News ,,,   December 12, 2016  11 Comments

(Article has been updated with some new info about PS4 production and prices of PCs).   Poverty is a word which conjures up many images, but it’s different for everyone. For me, “poverty gaming” is first, which I understand as just another name for retro gaming or playing cheap games….


   kof ,,,   December 4, 2016  43 Comments

#KOFSurvey will be open until Dec. 10th, 2016 for all languages. That's because our community effort is now supported by SNK! — James Alderson (@Reiki_Kito) December 2, 2016 There is a community survey to express customer feelings.  It is now officially supported by SNK.  They WILL be reading the…