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It’s Sunday! Let’s relax! As far as I know, it’s legal to post these since I translated them myself and there isn’t a localised publication of these. I’ll still probably delete these tomorrow, just to be on the safe side :3 So have a look!      

3on3 Report + ONC 7 Nishinippori 4/23

From Myu: ???????????????????????????????????????ARIGATO GOZAIMASU!? Special thanks to SNKPLAYMORE for the steam prizes, everyone was very surprised and happy! Thanks to everyone who came, we had around 72 registered, with a final 69 making 23 teams! It was awesome! Many players came to tell me how they enjoyed the event, and…

Moar streaming + Photos #IGT2014 #kof

PS. Two streams on right now: http://www.twitch.tv/cafeid http://www.twitch.tv/zero_black Stolen from Gamerbee  Frionel, Fox, Keykakko & Koukou! Follow them on twitter!   1st set here

#IVGC Photos by @lauragrb

Thanks to Laura & Neo Penny! The rest are from yours truly :3 Soooooo next tournaments: Hypespotting, Global ID, Stunfest, Republic of Fighters, SSD Gaming, Summer Event and Apocaplypse in Paris.  More info up next!!!

More Kyo cosplay from Nadya Sonika

(I STILL think it should Cosplayer Kyokyo) Pagina de Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/nadyasonikacosplay donde encontraran muchos mas cosplay de diferentes Juegos asi como de KOF de parte de NadyaSonika su store de sus grandes cosplay por si gustas adquirir y apoyar su gran trabajo. Store:http://nadyasonika.storenvy.com/ Sobre NadyaSonika:http://www.nadyasonika.com/ Thx to Mario Alberto for…