KOF13 Climax Bout feat Haregoro, Koukou, Gaku

The recent KOF13 Tournament in Japan, restreaming now with English commentary, join the chat! Update: Stream has ended, here’s the youtube replay    

Tokido warming up for #Hypespotting #FOTN #IGT2015 #METALSLUG

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Today we have some news for Tokido stalkers, a competition and some obscure game plus Hokuto No Ken  match videos ! MURDER AND KILT Unfortunately Xian is pretty much dead from illness but he’s trying to play at Meltdown tonight. Meanwhile Tokido has been spotted at Versus Dojo today (right now…

Not had enough? MORE #TOKIDO #XIAN AND #MAGO Next Weekend! #USF4

WELLL SO MUCH FOR 2ND PLACE FOREVER That Bonchan and Tokido rivalry may be on the backburner for now but Tokido might just take it out on someone else next weekend at HYPESPOTTING. Nemo? What? Everyone using Rolento now? Xian, Tokido and Mago will all be down along with Problem X,…


metal slug defense is sooooooooo addicting, only problem is i have to wait and get my points to fill back up ;~; — SoleChris (@Sol3Chris) July 4, 2014 iPhone / Android application “METAL SLUG DEFENSE” breaks a new record again with over 9 million downloads worldwide, on its way to…

Eventhubs Tier List causing Rage

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You may have heard about this vote based tier list by Eventhubs, which seems quite fair at the top end, while mid and low are causing some… discussion lol Have a look and vote to shift those tiers around! Or do you think it’s accurate? http://www.eventhubs.com/tiers/kof13/