Misterio’s Open Letter + King CounterHit Combo

Hi there! Misterio made an open letter to all KOF Community there, i did a poor translation (i’m not an English Expert, but i do know something hahaha)

Beyond The Hype : Episode 4

Australian players ON|Colonov and TRP|Baxter talk about SEA Major that they attended 2 weeks ago, CEO and upcoming EVO tournament. Also covers abit about the health of the FGC scene in AUS and what we need to do to get better, with some NSFW general talk. http://www.twitch.tv/colonov/b/425632807

SNKP’s New President: Ohata

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You may recall when SNKP promoted a new President, Ryo Mizufune, and the dark shadow that it cast, due to his background in Pachislot, with the rumour that he wanted to shut down the production of video games.  This was never proved, quoted or supported.  It was simply a false assumption….

Another SFIV Player joins the KOF Arena

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And interestingly (while some might say unsurprisingly), he has a KOF past 😀 It’s MAGO (Madcatz x Topanga), a renowned SF4 player with a KOF past, SBO2006 top 4 winner at KOFXI. For KOF13, he’s been trained by Dune, similarly to Tokido. Coincidentally, Mago and Tokido were both employees at…