Beyond The Hype : Episode 4

Australian players ON|Colonov and TRP|Baxter talk about SEA Major that they attended 2 weeks ago, CEO and upcoming EVO tournament. Also covers abit about the health of the FGC scene in AUS and what we need to do to get better, with some NSFW general talk.

BAM5 Day 1 Streaming NOW

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Money Matches Ahoy!!!! Watch live video from colonov on

ON|Colonov Streaming Now

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Watch live video from colonov on

Interview : Colin “Colonov” Tan

AKA Tanned Titties for the old school members on this board. Anyways, I was able to attend Brisbane’s 1st major tournament called “Buttonsmash”, where Colonov won KoF XIII. Lots have changed since I last saw him at Shadowloo Showdown and I was surprised of how much he has leveled up….