KOF DLC Characters Poll

Which character DLC do you want? (pick 3) Shermie, Chris, Yashiro (9%, 596 Votes) Heavy D, Brian Battler, Lucky (6%, 397 Votes) Blue Mary (6%, 390 Votes) Rock Howard (6%, 384 Votes) Shingo Yabuki (5%, 357 Votes) Vanessa (5%, 356 Votes) Rugal (5%, 351 Votes) Adel Bernstein (5%, 348 Votes)...

ButtonCzech & MIG Streams #kofxiii #ggxrd #mk #sfv

Czech’s major has now started, featuring GGXRD, KOF XIII and others. You may even see an Italian invade the tournament :3 Schedule: Stream: Watch live video from CzechArcade on www.twitch.tv Running on the same day we have Maximum Impact Glasgow. Watch live video from Fakery on www.twitch.tv

KOF13 Climax Bout feat Haregoro, Koukou, Gaku

The recent KOF13 Tournament in Japan, restreaming now with English commentary, join the chat! Update: Stream has ended, here’s the youtube replay    

Today’s Streams #KOF #GGXRD #SFV

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Maximum Impact Glasgow We have a stream with the boys in Scotland wrecking house – I think KOF has finished however. Watch live video from Fakery on www.twitch.tv Winter Showdown III Here will be the finals of the Dream Cancel Cup! Then we’ll have Kof XIII,KOF 98,KOF 2002 with ET…


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Well, that was fun, here’s the replay!