SNKP’s New President: Ohata

You may recall when SNKP promoted a new President, Ryo Mizufune, and the dark shadow that it cast, due to his background in Pachislot, with the rumour that he wanted to shut down the production of video games.  This was never proved, quoted or supported.  It was simply a false assumption.

Now, SNKP have promoted a new President, Masao Ohata.

“Ohata, age 53, has a colorful history in the American videogame industry. A graduate of Japan’s Chuo University in economics, Ohata was the president of Jaleco USA until he moved to Time Warner Interactive as head of International operations in 1995. He went on to Midway Amusement as vice president before moving to Bandai America in 2001 as vice president, then to Acrodea America in 2009 as president and CEO.”

So, if one was to believe that background was paramount to direction, this new leader should bring that faith back to the fans.


Source: MMCAFE

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