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New SICK Leona Combo Video #KOFXIII

Just some news before we get to the main course! Hold onto your hats! 1. It’s ON!  FREEZER, EMPEROR COW & YAMAZAKY96 will join MISTERIO at KOFGCC!!! There will be a tournament for KOF & DOA! Speaking of tournaments: This weekend: [row][column width=”1/2″] [/column][column width=”1/2″][/column][/row] And let’s not forget!!!   If…

King of Fighters CMV – Raiden : Out of Control Edition

Love to see quick health draining combos? Do you love shoulder charges? Do you love drop kicks? If said “yes” to any of those questions, then today you are in for a treat as I have finally finished my Raiden combo vid! It has been just over a year since…

Southern Cross Championship 2014

Australia’s last major for the year is on this weekend, the Southern Cross Championship or SXC for short. Has a variety of games such as KoF XIII, MvC3, USF4, a range of Smash games (Project M, Melee and the latest on Wii U) and even old gems like CvS2, 3s….

Oz Hadou Nationals 12

   FGC News,kof   October 10, 2014  No Comments

OHN, Australia’s longest running fighting game tournament will commence in less than 24 hours; Saturday Oct 11th at 10am. Games include The King Of Fighters XIII, Ultra SF4, UMvC3, Injustice and Tekken Tag 2. Fortunately for us, ON|Colonov will be setting up a stream dedicated to KoF XIII and will…

Shadowloo Showdown KoF XIII Pool Matches Featuring KDIT | Ren, KOK, Ryan Hart and ON | Colonov

Only top 4 for KoF XIII was streamed at Shadowloo Showdown, but Theundyingmage recorded some pool matches the day before featuring KDIT | Ren, KOK and a few others. Worth a watch! KDIT | Ren Vs ON | Colonov Ryan Hart Vs Weskim KOK Vs Baxter KOK Vs Falco Toxy…

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