Xiaohai Interview, Hot Footage #KOFXIV

This is part 3 of our feedback from players.  Xiaohai gave an interview a while back after Stunfest and we’ve got some words from him after playing at CEO, so you can see the progression of his opinion. Here we think it’ll go well with exhibition videos and don’t forget to check…

KOF XIV Exhibition at CEO Will Not Stream at #AtlusUSA Today.

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They decided to host it at CEO Gaming! Starting very soon! Let’s do some positive comments about our game dammit! Join us! [twitch id=”ceogaming”]

FT15 Misterio vs Reynald After CEO

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Last night we had an awesome FT15 Streamed from Florida after CEO was over. The Stream URL was www.twitch.tv/Hibiki_Takane (Thanks dood!) Here’s the replay. Personally, i still have a boner from last night. Thanks everyone, i’m kinda sad Misterio couldn’t show himself up on CEO, but at least we have…

CEO Gaming KOF XIII stream is about to go live!

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First match NY|ChrisG Vs. TKC[ON]Vicio. Watch live video from FunkyP on www.twitch.tv   Update! KOF was to be an all day Friday event. However i was informed by the organizer that the tounament’s top 8 will stream tomorrow at 2p.m.!

KOF13 FT10 Misterio vs Luis Cha!

Misterio and ZeroBlack arrived Orlando yesterday! LuisCha and Misterio had 2 FT10, only the first one is on youtube.. ZeroBlack and LuisCha had a FT10 and ZeroBlack lost 🙁 So here it is.. the first set (AWESOME!?) Thanks! Hope you everyone check CEO this friday 😀