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Misterio made an open letter to all KOF Community there, i did a poor translation (i’m not an English Expert, but i do know something hahaha)

~About my participation in CEO-EVO 2014~

I have to confess that when i started playing KOF13, i never thought that i could meet wonderful people, neither that i could get to know United States nor that i could get to have a good level that some people consider it to be TOP internationally.

As in every aspect of life, if you do public activities that expose a lot, you get your performance questioned, you get judgments from people who don’t know very much about the game or your opponents or they just want to take credit removed from your victories, just for envy or with invalid arguments such as an assumption.

That makes me think in what i represent for most of the people for participating in these tournaments, i read in a KOF Group that i was the SouthAmerican representative. This is where i think and i say NO, this is not like this. There are lots of people in Chile and LatinAmerica that don’t like how i play the game, they don’t like that it’s talked about me or don’t like me getting supported or they just would like to have another player to represent them.
As every person does, they need to have their thoughts and preferences respected, so i got to this conclusion.

I represent this people: The people i love (my Boyfriend, Family and Friends), people that want to be represented by me, people that respect their opponents and don’t forget that opponents are human beings too, people that get happy when your neighbor starts getting successful in life, people that help and make possible that the Community grows up to a international level, people that truly (and believe me, i know how to differ that) give me a tap in the back and wish me success, the people that love the characters i use, and the ones that love me because of how i play.

I know that whatever my performance is, i’ll always be with you, and i’ll give the best of me. From and for you, i also have in mind that if i get to win, the victory is going to be just for you.

And for the people that apart from not supporting me, without logical reason they try to take me down, i know that you’re not going to change reading this article, and it’s none of my business to teach you about values and modals, neither how to live in a community, nonetheless i say goodbye with a piece of advice “before swallowing the envy, chew it up very hard, because it always repeats”.

Blessing to everyone.

With Love,


~ And now the CounterHit Combo ~

Thank you all! and Thanks Gunsmith for the space and the support in these weeks 🙂 you rock

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