Cool Combos & Tech round up

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We got combos, including a stun, and some funky tech. Check it out! Shun’Ei quick combo guide Shun'ei Quick Combo Guide – The King of Fighters XIV (KOFXIV): via @YouTube — KPB | Foxiflowerz (@coliflowerz) February 4, 2017 Leona #KOFXIV Crs/U tech, only some #BurnToFight @orochinagicom @KCOpedro @ManChest @Juicebox_FGC…

Team ON on #KOFXIV Part 3

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This is all before the October patch, so hopefully the negative opinions will change! But these are feelings that will not be ignored. The more we post, the more we find people who agree. But, this is the last part.  Part 1 is here.  The patch is almost ready! Vicio…

PATCH IS COMING! ON Team #KOFXIV Feedback Part 2

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After Part 1, here is part 2, and there will be part 3!!! Also check below for news on sales and KOF numbers at NGI REVOLUTION! Gabo Over in Costa Rica, Gabo has been working hard and won the last tournament!  The game is good, I love it because there…

CEOTaku Results and Replays

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KOF Guides Updates You know the app got updated with Robert and five other characters’ Frame data, right? Go get it! Guide updates and coming soon to app! New YURI combo notes! New VERSE notes! Feedback is pretty much done. We’re sending it off in a day or so. @orochinagicom…

Now Streaming! KOF XIII EVO Warmup!

Welcome to the Unofficial Texas Crew Channel! Merch coming soon.[twitch id=”on_vicio” align=”center”]