(updated) The problem with Shun’Ei

Edit: Needed to add a couple more things plus some tweets. Please DM for removal. One man’s passion is another man’s poison. One woman’s husbando can be one man’s hernia, etc etc. Character design is always divisive, even more so today. It’s probably fair to say that Kyo Kusanagi was…

Shun Ei by mojyavoltage6

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????????????????????????????????????????????????? pic.twitter.com/oNfxCEaqsh — ?????????7?16b (@mojyavoltage6) October 20, 2017

Cool Combos & Tech round up

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We got combos, including a stun, and some funky tech. Check it out! Shun’Ei quick combo guide Shun'ei Quick Combo Guide – The King of Fighters XIV (KOFXIV): https://t.co/ZDbMn8byD1 via @YouTube — KPB | Foxiflowerz (@coliflowerz) February 4, 2017 Leona #KOFXIV Crs/U tech, only some #BurnToFight @orochinagicom @KCOpedro @ManChest @Juicebox_FGC…