EU Online Tournament + Roundup

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Coastal Fighting Jam New Team Member SCR2016 Touchan Last of the Nakorurus Online EU Tournament tonight! Colosseum this weekend!   Coastal Fighting Jam Oct 15 Top 4 (spoilers underneath) Colonov has been interested in Angel since her announcement and plays her with devilish glee. As everyone knows, getting knocked down…

Now Streaming! KOF XIII EVO Warmup!

Welcome to the Unofficial Texas Crew Channel! Merch coming soon.[twitch id=”on_vicio” align=”center”]

#KOFXIV Tournament Streaming Now on Godsgarden in Japan #KSB #KVO #TSB

Scheduled to start now is the grand event in Osaka, notably with a KOF14 tournament, with hours of freeplay as a crash course introduction. How will these players fare in this crazy day 1 tournament? Tune into the stream below to find out! Top players are also in attendance! I…

#KOFXIV New Trailers (April 2016)

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So it seems there’s no 13th Trailer, at least not today, but a new series, going into the details of the game. Don’t forget to check the stream starting soon!

#KOFXIV Events – Schedule

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