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A Mai for Monday~ ?? — Battousai Monster Slayer (@lonerurouni187) July 3, 2017


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??????????14?????????? — L.G (@lggreen15) August 27, 2017

Articles Shutdown Notice

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Tl;dr No more updates for the website!  Much reduced services in other areas.   As you may know, I (Alan François aka Gunsmith Cats) have been updating this website (via various URLs) since 1997. And it has not been easy. While Orochinagi has grown exponentially and still gets around 420,000…

John Cena says SNK is obsolete

Welp, while many of us do like a bit of wrestling, it’s probably safe to say we don’t like celebrities spreading misinformation. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, John Cena talked about the upcoming Nintendo switch, making a reference to our favourite company as how he got into games, just…

Top 4 #kofxiv at #cwc2017 streaming now

After a hectic 2v2 battle which culminated Saturday morning, team GCC came out on top! Brackets. To see replays click on the stream links below to see archives. Post will be updated with YouTube links when available. we made it, i won the #kof14 team tournament with the beast violence….