SNKWC and Death Knell or Rebirth for KOF

It feels like this weekend will make or break me, to be honest.  Still, this weekend will be a killer tournament, arguably better than EVO, as it collects the cream of the crop from around the globe, evening out the income inequalities with all flights paid by SNK.  And yet, still not the pinnacle of …

Morocco SNKWC Qualifiers in Casablanca #kofxv #cwf

Casablanca World Fighters is this weekend! Refresh this page until this message disappears, as we will keep adding info. With over 100 participants, watch out for KOFXV & over 40 players for KOFXIII, these tournaments are going to be siiiick! Date: Sat 27 – Sun 28 Jan Location: Atlas Gaming

The Draft 5 Tournament #kofxv

Ok, he said, when he really should have taken the opportunity to stay in bed instead, let’s do another draft mode tournament. But this time, we’re going to keep things smoothly running with no coin toss, no position switching, we’re just going to go with the default settings as SNK intended. Register here

The Draft 4 #KOFXV 14th May PC Tournament

This is the Draft Mode Tournament Information Page. It is a PC EMEA Regional Tournament with open registration.  This tournament is supported by SNK. This will probably be the last one. This may be crossplay enabled, fingers crossed. [ Registration ] Format  Players Livestream Schedule Brackets & Rules KOFXV has many game modes that bring variety …

The Draft 3 #kofxv 20th April PS4 Tournament

We had so much fun, with a controversial finish, we decided to open it to PS4 players on April 20 and then, back to PC in May. Format  Players Livestream Schedule Brackets This tournament is supported by SNK. It is open for registration. 20 April 20:30 CET – DRAFT Tournament 3 KOFXV has many game …

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