After a long and hard discussion, the KOF EU Community Managers and WGC have decided to aim to bring at least one of these players, in the following order: BALA MAD KOF SHOKI FREEZER/KAORU … COMMUNITY EFFORTS An important message to the KOF fans: We have looked at the polls….

KOF XIII : ???????????????????????????

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????? ??URL:? ?????????? ?????????????????????????????????????MuKaTuKu?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??URL:? We should be prioritising with the road to evo stream but I have to put out a little plug for my boys over in Japan ^^ Two tournaments this weekend, which is a little unfortunate, being quite the test of stamina!  The URLs…

4/5 Shinjuku Carnival Replays part 2

Mari chan vs Yukichi Daipan vs Urasia Naoki vs Alice Sonson vs Shinyo Koukou vs Daipan Haregoro vs  Nagihe Koukou vs Shoki Daipan vs Infinity Alice vs Sanui Yukiichi vs Tenkawa

4/5 Shinjuku Playland Carnival Replays part 1

My Internet sucks.  But I’ve left the pc on and uploaded the whole series of the first KOF XIII Climax tournament at Shinjuku Carnival.  Thanks again to Nagihe for the DVDs and the pre-order folders!!!  Too kind! Check out the first batch: Hayashi vs Son Son Kou Kou vs Son…

Nisshinippori Team Versus Matches

Source : This week, Hentai Nikubenki is Kana , Tenga to? is actually Yanagi , Imade Mai is Son Son Team 1p : Bou , Kinotomo , Pounser , Hentai Nikubenki , Nova , Nagihe , Pam , Tenga to? , Azuki Neko , Gaku , Haregoro? , KouKou…