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1st Announcement en Francais et English! There will be a tournament at Versus Dojo where the prize is something… quite different! You can win a place in the room of champions at Cannes International Video Games Cup! In this room will be the Mexican Legend, Bala!! This means you can…

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BALA AT CIVGC MX Bala is confirmed for Cannes International Video Game Cup. Also confirmed: Bubblan from Sweden, Big Fool from the UK, Sean from Italy!   Bala Photo courtesy of Rock Lee  a-cho ALL CAPCOM Histrical vsgame Olympic 2014 ??????? ??? ??????????(2014.1.13) This event took place Jan 13 and…

Coliseo VS2 Guadalajara, Mexico

This weekend Coliseo VS2 was held in Guadalajara, Mexico. Several games were featured among them was KOF XIII with several players featured such as Bala, Koopa, El Rosa, and Khannibalito…. The top 8 results for KOF XIII was: 1. CG|Bala 2. TC|Pako 3. Piranha 4. DS|Layec 5. Mr. Aguila 5….

Importante mensaje a los fans de KOF!

Hemos mirado las encuestas, en base a eso hemos discutido y pensado  este tema por mucho tiempo, algunos de ustedes pensaran que tener a Bala o MadKOF es buena idea, pero por qué no traer a alguien nuevo? El hecho es que emocionarse por KOF es lo más importante. Eso…

Please Help Bala!

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THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE WHO HAVE DONATED SO FAR!!! I know it’s been hard during this period. Thank you. Everyone else – RETSGO! Dig deep into those pockets! 1 Euro donation is a great way to start the year! RETSGO BALA!! Not sure why you should donate? Read this….