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Kuso #KOF + Upcoming Tournaments #stunfest #KOFXI #KOF2K #KOF94

HEY! One more chance to grab a Stunfest ticket NOWWWWW – last 8 tickets! GOLDEN WEEK Just some quick info about what’s coming up (one already passed) April 26 [ Kuso KOF tournament (KOF94, 2K, 11) ] A tournament where the only thing close to a rule is to do whatever…

3on3 Chile Finals, Gaijins in Tokyo: Heicko

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3on3 Finals Here are the final stages of the 3on3 in from Chile this week! – This was the 1 player 1 character system! Check out ‘Chilly’ Spooky on mic 😛 Congrats to ON.Tortita for staging a successful tournament and helping the scene grow for noobs and pros alike! Looks…

3on3 Orochinagi Cup Stream #kof13

It’s 3am here and 10am in Tokyo! They should start streaming now! http://com.nicovideo.jp/community/co1505216 So let’s see who will carry their partners to the top!!

Tournaments #KOF #USF4 Thaiger Uppercut @shibainutakechi #Duelling #Lonestar #3on3

DUELLING THE KOF 20 + 27 Sep Paris: This weekend is the best chance for French citizens to enter Road to Duelling the KOF because next week all the foreigners will have priority. IT’S GONNA BE A SLOBBERKNOCKER Texas: Lonestar Admonition 20 Sep is here!! Luis Cha and maybe Kanibalito!…