Weekend afternoons are the best times to catch Eastern streams

If you’re in Europe! Ren is streaming XIII right now http://zh-tw.twitch.tv/ryo_ren0624 Shinjuku Carnival is streaming 02UM http://www.ustream.tv/channel/game-carnival It’s getting late in that part of the world so tune in now!  

4/5 Shinjuku Carnival Replays part 2

Mari chan vs Yukichi Daipan vs Urasia Naoki vs Alice Sonson vs Shinyo Koukou vs Daipan Haregoro vs  Nagihe Koukou vs Shoki Daipan vs Infinity Alice vs Sanui Yukiichi vs Tenkawa

4/5 Shinjuku Playland Carnival Replays part 1

My Internet sucks.  But I’ve left the pc on and uploaded the whole series of the first KOF XIII Climax tournament at Shinjuku Carnival.  Thanks again to Nagihe for the DVDs and the pre-order folders!!!  Too kind! Check out the first batch: Hayashi vs Son Son Kou Kou vs Son…

Climax Report IV + videos and photos

Friday 4th  May. I get some practice with a friend and plan my attack with Kyo and getting that crossup dwn C to hit with a HD 2bar combo. Still not confident enough with it, so I decide to save it for Clark.  I remember that Kyo’s cr C is…

Shinjuku Carnival Stream Schedule

There will be no end of XIII action from Japan, although there is no guarantee of who will be on. The best thing, that confirms KOF is doing well in Tokyo, right now at least, is that Climax has prime time viewing slots on the weekends. The Nico streams are…