ON Show 37: Gunsmith vs Dune vs Haregoro + Counselling :3

STARTING NOW http://www.elive.pro/en/watch/8drtTIQ71XVI Gunsmith is also running advice sessions. You just need a video of yourself playing and Gunny (and the chat monsters) will give you advice. Sample

Nisshinippori Team Battle 2

The same format as before, the full list of all the players is there, and as they are taken out of the game they are also taken out of the list. Team 1p : Bou , Atsu , Tetsuo , GUN smith , Himoujou , Ghost?Osaka yori , Azuki Neko…

Climax Report IV + videos and photos

Friday 4th  May. I get some practice with a friend and plan my attack with Kyo and getting that crossup dwn C to hit with a HD 2bar combo. Still not confident enough with it, so I decide to save it for Clark.  I remember that Kyo’s cr C is…

KOF XIII Climax in Japan Report III

Well, got down to Versus Game Spot at Nishi nippori and the stream had just started, where we pretty much cycled between trying to take out Son son san… And he wouldn’t let me take his photo hehe… bloody hell Mr Karate using that free jump cancel off a blocked…

Team Battle Replays from Versus Game Spot at Nisshinippori

This is from the first tournament at Versus, where two teams battled it out, the winner having eliminated all the players from the other. The players that I list are the ones that are remaining on each team, once a player loses I take his name out of the list….