JVK – Postponed

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Japan vs Korea has suffered from miscommunications all round.  So… there will be some random beatings handed out but the true winner of the conflict will not be decided. Dune had this to say: “Japanese players heard that “Korea vs Japan (KOF13)” may not be held either in Korea nor…

KCE 399, 400 – KOF2002UM Cup

So you want more old KOF? *sigh* We aim to please! This just in from KCE! More top tier action from Japan! Mari chan is here too! ?KOF2002UM KCE??????? ???KCE???02UM?????? ??????? http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/1339688461?nicorepomail ?KOF2002UM KCE??????? ???KCE???02UM????? ??????? http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/1339703403?nicorepomail

ON Show 37: Gunsmith vs Dune vs Haregoro + Counselling :3

STARTING NOW http://www.elive.pro/en/watch/8drtTIQ71XVI Gunsmith is also running advice sessions. You just need a video of yourself playing and Gunny (and the chat monsters) will give you advice. Sample

Top Players from the East: a review

I actually haven’t finished the fourth report but Shadowloo’s stream had me gunning for the keyboard. re: Oz Old Timer asked about Oz playing 13. Now I didn’t see that much but he entered the team battle tournament, lost and went home. I cant remember what characters he was using…

Climax Report II

Spot 21 Met up with Haregoro and Dune (pronounced Doo-nay). This is… pretty much a bad place to go because it’s expensive and the monitor (vewlix) seems a little laggy. HOWEVER, they allow you to record matches and burn them onto a dvd! Dune and Haregoro were very kind to…