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KoF XIII : KouKou vs M’

   kof   April 23, 2014  2 Comments

This is the 3rd of the “first to 10” events held over at Nishinippori, and it’s certainly the one that has involved the strongest match up till now.

Duelling the KOF 2on2 Top 8

   kof   January 27, 2014  No Comments

  Remember that format is 1st vs 1st and then 2nd vs 2nd. And then if necessary winner vs winner. 1p side : Team ????? 1st : Inocchi , 2nd : Sora 2p side : Team ??????????? 1st : Fujishima , 2nd : Tomo??? Part 2 Remember that format is…

KoF XIII : Nishinippori Versus & Ko-hatsu

France represent. Originally uploaded by nico user ??? . There it was no player list released from the jp side of things, so this one is only made by hear, thus probably has a bunch of mistaken identities here and there. Team 1p : Masakuni , AGO , Atari ,…

Some classic SNK footage

Here we have a Real Bout 1 tournament, originally uploaded by RB1ukyo : A RB2 tournament by acho : More from acho : Nishinippori Versus 98 : Some KoF 94 :

SNK in a-cho (early December)

   kof ,,   December 11, 2013  2 Comments

Within their usual streams of regular footage, a-cho had a good amount of SNK games :

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