SG Feedback, 4Gamer, TV, Sales #KOFXIV

More feedback from Singapore, 4Gamer ‘views and some arts! Perhaps a good thing, not many questions have been proposed for Oda, considering most have been already asked and answered! But we are looking at them all. In the same post, Luise Ng gave us some footage of KOFXIV in Singapore…

#KOFXIV Battle #E32016 Oda & Romance

Romance gives his report on E3, Oda gives an interview and there’s lots of battle footage and artwork!   E3 Battle So if you didn’t know, SNK (Oda and Adam) were at E3 hitting the crowd, schmoozing with Sony and the players! Oda posted: Thank you to all of the…

ZeroBlack streaming versus DuoLon /Tom Sawyer

Zero Black now streaming with his buddy who uses DuoLon. Should be interesting, following the events at nwm6 this past weekend. Will we see DuoLon everywhere at Evo? Tom Sawyer also in the house! Watch live video from zero_black on

ONC 7 Stream from Tokyo

Starting at 20:00 JST Should be here : or here Let’s see who will become the 7th Orochinagi Champion!

MOARRR Tournaments in UK & France: 3500€ Prize @ ROF

… *can’t breathe* The funny thing is that within one day of playing with everyone, my level went up. Now I feel it’s going to go down, of course, so to keep it up, I will have to go to tournaments- there better be freeplay areas! (I talk about the…