JVK – Postponed

Japan vs Korea has suffered from miscommunications all round.  So… there will be some random beatings handed out but the true winner of the conflict will not be decided.

Dune had this to say:

“Japanese players heard that “Korea vs Japan (KOF13)” may not be held either in Korea nor in Japan this year.So no one prepared for the matches. Everyone thought the matches will be held next year or later. However , Korean players came to Japan this week. Of course , we are very happy to meet them and play KOF13 with them.  But their visiting is too sudden for us , so many of us can’t go Arcade to play KOF13 with them.”

So hopefully we’ll get some footage but otherwise, ouch, I hope the Koreans make the most of their trip… and er…. here’s looking forward to the er…. final agreement sometime early 2013.

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