Team China Trailer, KOFStation, Streams

   FGC News ,   July 19, 2016  2 Comments

Seriously, what is going on.  Did they really think we’d have time to watch all this now that the demo is out? Welp, here we go!!! And if you missed it, check out the KOF Station to at least see the gameplay matches at the end! Reaction video? Are you…

Antonov, story and demo #kofxiv

   FGC News ,,   July 18, 2016  1 Comment

It’s been a competitive weekend! We’ll post up Evo results with the official YouTube videos. Here are the 7 characters that will be available in the demo! Should be no surprise that Kyo and Iori are in, but personally I’m surprised that they gave everyone the chance to use the…

#KOFXIV Panel at #EVO2016

Panel news, demo, Garou, Footage, Podcast and art!  Check it all out below.  Tournament footage and full results to come later. SNK Panel: Demo confirmed for US and China and…. ? So the big news was of course the demo being available on the 19th in the USA. It hasn’t…

Nightmare Geese Exclusive Preorder #KOFXIV

There’s also a rumor of a XIV demo, KOFXIV at Canton Cup & some great artwork, so read on! NIGHTMARE GEESE PREORDER BONUS Update: here’s the video!!! Earlier this morning, Eternal Dragon posted in the UK kof group that he noticed the digital pre order had arrived on PSN UK….