There’s also a rumor of a XIV demo, KOFXIV at Canton Cup & some great artwork, so read on!


Update: here’s the video!!!

Earlier this morning, Eternal Dragon posted in the UK kof group that he noticed the digital pre order had arrived on PSN UK.

There had been concerns over the lack of a collector’s edition in the UK, so it was assumed this was an exclusive.

However, the same package then appeared on the U.S. store!

Will these appear for the other regions? We should expect so.

The point is now fans who haven’t already decided on which package to order now have another conundrum!

And where the digital pre-order fans had nothing really to gain but a Kyo skin, now they have the Nightmare Geese skin exclusively!

The U.S. Premium BURN TO FIGHT edition

  • Soundtrack CDs
  • Classic Kyo skin
  • Art book

The EU/UK/USA Standard edition

  • Steel book
  • Classic Kyo skin

The Digital Download Pre-order

  • Classic Kyo
  • Nightmare Geese skin
  • Dynamic PS4 NEO ESAKA theme

If you don’t want a steel tin and a physical disk, or artbooks & CDs, the choice should be clear.  The UK PSN link is here.  The US link is here.

The reaction to the announcement has caused quite a stir, with players surprisingly jumping for a skin where they had doubts over the art book:

For the Asian bonuses, check mmcafe.

Some people weren’t pleased they pre-ordered the premium pack however it’s understandable that the digital customers should get something too.

Some people went really all out and bought two different copies…

Here’s a preview of the PS4 dynamic theme in images and video, which may or may not be the one mentioned in the digital package… but it looks like NEO Esaka, doesn’t it?

If you take a closer look you may see Billy has a new Jacket which reads “Beware of the Dog”, perhaps a reference to the US Neogeo advertising!  And Hein is definitely doing a something cool, cooler, coolest on the fire escape.

We wish you luck with whichever package you choose!  Can you wait any longer?

The Demo Rumour

Obviously translated by Google, this tweet says a SONY HK have announced a KOFXIV demo will arrive July 20th in China and HK PSN.

AND if you download the demo, you get the theme below for FREE!

Will this demo arrive in other countries? It remains difficult to say.
Is SNK confident enough that a demo will be enough to warrant purchases in that market?

Then why not in other regions? We can only wait and see – and it’s only 8 days!!!

Some players are already setting up their HK accounts…

Don’t forget Canton Cup 6 will now feature KOFXIV

I met Oda at Japan Expo and played KOFXIV.  He’s cool.  The build has certainly improved since Stunfest and I really want to play Hein and Ramon.  That’s all I have to say for now! :3

Ps. Did you like my shirt?


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