Panel news, demo, Garou, Footage, Podcast and art!  Check it all out below.  Tournament footage and full results to come later.

SNK Panel: Demo confirmed for US and China and…. ?

So the big news was of course the demo being available on the 19th in the USA.
It hasn’t exactly been announced for Europe, but as we already know the demo will be available in China on the 20th, surely it’ll be available for EU and other regions either on the same date or just after.
At any rate, there will be 7 characters available to play, confirmed!

Some people are concerned that players will need a PSN+ account to play.  I doubt this is the case, but it might be needed to go online.  Let’s wait and see.

At the panel was Gio from Sony, who dressed up as Chang!  It was great to see Sony being really involved with SNK which is really really great news for the players.  With Sony behind SNK, it’s gonna be very good in terms on online support and eSports 😉

The SNK team was there, including Jim, Adam, Neo G, Ogura, and Oda of course.  Frionel was on hand to relate what happened at the panel!







Mark of the Wolves

Then on top, they announced Garou Mark of the Wolves on PS4 and Vita.

with the build in fact being playable at EVO!

They will also be holding a poll to find out which classic game should come next.

PS3 Compatibility

PS3 sticks will be compatible with the final version, but not the demo!

It’s a surprising move as again it won’t help the peripheral manufacturers such as Madcatz and Hori but it will help the fans save money. At the same time, if you want these companies to make more controllers, they need to pay their employees, every month. They need to make money. Anyway if you’re tight on cash right now and just about able to afford a PS4, you’ll be ok!

PC Version Not Planned At the Moment

Heart (and wallet) breaking that it is, it still doesn’t mean that there will never be a PC version, but it does certainly mean that if you want to play KOFXIV on day 1 with everyone else, you’ll need a PS4.

New characters burst forth!

Kensou, along with all the remaining new characters were revealed at EVO.

We had a few videos in this post.

Here’s Alice’s climax!

If you didn’t see Kensou’s Climax, check it here!

Discussion /Podcast

Started an English Commentary but then the XIV panel started and Atlus turned off the stream. As we couldn’t see anything we started discussing things again, such as CVS3.  Have a listen to the discussion here:

Here’s some great artwork too

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