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Antonov, story and demo #kofxiv

   FGC News ,,   July 18, 2016  1 Comment

It’s been a competitive weekend! We’ll post up Evo results with the official YouTube videos.

Here are the 7 characters that will be available in the demo! Should be no surprise that Kyo and Iori are in, but personally I’m surprised that they gave everyone the chance to use the most hype character: KOD. Why buy the game now lol? Still, there’s plenty more fun to be had! Ramon I need more Ramon in my life!!

Here’s the story mode trailer! You’ll get a flash view of the real boss of the game!!!

Here’s Antonov! If you thought SNK was gonna let you think about anything else, think again!

Also, the next episode of kof station will be dropping soon!

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