Duelling the KOF Top 8!

Duelling KOF XIII Top 8 [Gussan, Ryu] vs [Takayama, Shugaku] [Fujishima, Tomo@kp] vs [Inocchi, Sora] [Aya, Tenga] vs [Rinomoto, Koukou] [Dune, M’] vs [Kaoru, Woo] Thx Prof Don’t forget there is KOF 98, 2002um, and XIII, and then on Sunday, KOF 95, 97, 2000 and 2002!!!! Tune in tomorrow at…

KOF in the UAE

Yamazaky96 sent in the results of a recent 2002um tournament in Dubai. The 1st Cooperation Cup 17th of march, Billiard Planet, Al Mizher mall, Dubai, United Arab Emirates the rules: every team must lose twice to be eliminated. Teams: 1- revolutionary 2- red moon 3- ikari team 4- psycho soldiers…

SMOAI KOF95 2002UM JPN Versus Festival Matches

The old and new battling continues: 2011 03/07 KOF02UM ????VERSUS??29???? Part3 2011 03/07 KOF02UM ????VERSUS??29???? Part4 LAST ???????????????????????????? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vYcAt9n32M Source NICO http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm13827706

Maxmode.net Launches!

Hokuto Youssef, owner of La Mythik arcade, has launched a new site: Maxmode.  We managed to get hold of the busy man in order to answer a few questions and reveal any info he’s been keeping secret about XIII… Why did you launch Maxmode.net? After closing “la Mythik” unfortunately I…

kof2002um movelist screenshots

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For Wiki work: This includes: Kyo 2, Krizalid, EX Takuma, EX Kensou, EX Robert, and Chin.