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Hokuto Youssef, owner of La Mythik arcade, has launched a new site: Maxmode.  We managed to get hold of the busy man in order to answer a few questions and reveal any info he’s been keeping secret about XIII…

Why did you launch

After closing “la Mythik” unfortunately I could only see that there is not gonna be any movement around KOF… So I’ve decided to try to promote my favourite game by doing something….


How is the KOF scene in France, since we last visited in October?

As far as I know there are not many players left in France…. And there are not much left in UK… So it is the same in Germany, in Spain… Unfortunately, there is nothing in all Europe that can gather the last players. That is why I had the idea to make a website that would be for all Europe.

That’s a great idea – so what is different about Maxmode, compared to other KOF sites?

The site will be in French and English (and I hope soon, other languages). In fact there is couple of new things I’d like to add… First of all, the tutorials will be an important thing. Try to explain the new games with some vids, with tons of explanations, demonstrations, to help new players, and give them some tools in order to keep them in the good side.
With my experience, I have some material (couples xboxes, 0-lag Tvs, tons of sticks….) and I know the guy running the arcade in Paris, so I’ll try to make some events around KOF, and I hope to see some of you 😉

Indeed – there’s nothing like a good old European war! :p What do you think will happen with KOF XIII now?

I have some informations I can’t tell…. well, let’s just say the console version will bring some surprises and a very good netcode. In any case, there are only two options. Kof XIII will be a success, and everything will be good, or it will be a complete disaster and we’ll have to stay on older episodes for a while…

How does that make you feel?

In both case, I am not unhappy, cause there are tons of things to do, but I prefer the first case of course. On my side, I’ll do everything I can to promote and support the game!

Same here 🙂 Now, we heard you sold your copy of  XIII?  Is this true?

Yes, I sold my XIII, keeping it for myself was too risky, I prefered to sell it now, as it is still expensive.

Well I suppose an arcade board without an arcade is a bit crazy… but then again….  do you have regrets?

Regrets? No! We have the luck of having the game in 2 arcades here, and with my wife I don’t have so much time to play on my side, so, going in the arcade once or twice a week is way enough 😉

It’s the same situation for many of us KOF fans, but I wonder how many of us really try to put time aside for KOF… anyway, what’s happening with La Mythik?

Well, in the beginning, I wanted to open another arcade, but now, there are 2 arcades of really good quality in Paris. Versus Dojo is small, but they have all the games, and Arcade Street, with tons of HD cabs is just insane… As long as I am not sure to do something better, I prefer not to do anything.

That is a wise decision.  Moving on, what did you think of the XIII finals?  Was it exciting?  Do you think it will make more people play KOF?

If you mean the WGC ones, well, let’s be honest, it was bullshit… Doing a 2on2 tournament (in the beggining, it was planned to be 3on3!!!) on a game that no one plays a lot was pure suicide. Of course, there were only 1 guy who plays the game, and Ho! Surprise! he won!…. It will definitely not make more people play KOF (on contrary…). When a game is not available everywhere, there is no need to have a tournament… You must do 2 things:
-an exhibition with some of the best players (even if they are only 4 or 5)
-a beginner’s tournament (as Orochinagi made @UCX)
All the things inbetween are not interesting for anyone.
Of course, this is not against the guy from Versus Dojo, they’ve tried their best, no doubt about that.

It was made worse by the over run of SF, causing the streams to be cancelled.  However, sometimes you cannot foresee these things, at least WGC included KOF and kept it in the spotlight.  These are dangerous times for KOF and SNKP – it makes you wonder about what is happening in Japan – there’s been no mention of XIII at SBO11, although the game may turn up at the 2nd event in September.

At least it seems the console version is still in production, nothing can be confirmed, but we may well be in for a pleasant surprise!  Thanks to Hokuto Youssef…

…and YOU.

Ps. If you visit Maxmode now, you can see an interview with Fox (or at least have a look at him, as it’s in French).

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