Yamazaky96 sent in the results of a recent 2002um tournament in Dubai.

The 1st Cooperation Cup

17th of march, Billiard Planet, Al Mizher mall, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
the rules: every team must lose twice to be eliminated.


1- revolutionary
2- red moon
3- ikari team
4- psycho soldiers

The setup

the revolutionary team ( Yamazaky96, Faisal, Ahmad)
the final match between Faisl (rev) vs Muhanad ( red moon)

“the revolutionary team” won the final match against “the red moon team”


Gold Medal for Best Combos

Yamazaki96 was awarded the gold medal for the best use of combos in this match
Sangahlolo vs yamazaky96


Winners: Revolutionary Team

the ranking battles were held for eleven weeks, finishing on 3-3-2011
the rules: best of 5 competition between all the players

the match that decided who is the the first was between Hmood and Faisal

the first three players were
1- Hmood 26 points
2- Tayyeb 24 points
3- Faisal 22 points

The Participants

Sounds like it was a great event and shows KOF is still doing well in other parts of the world. Congratulations to all the participants and we look forward to more matches!

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