Argentinian KOF player Diez visits UAE

Today the KOF community in Dubai and Abu Dhabi welcomes one of the top players in South America in KOF2002UM & KOF2002 recently Diez have was the grand champion at two KOF02UM tournaments in Chile (Dream Match Tournament & Meliblipa Tournament) we will try to live stream and capture footage of…

Rugal in #MSD & Fez Fighters 2016 #KOF #USF4 #GGXrd

   FGC News ,   January 14, 2016  3 Comments

#MSD “Black Noah Attack”KOF Event available! 50% OFF “New Year’s Special Sale”begins! — G-Mantle (?????? (@SNKPofficial) January 14, 2016 RUGAL IS BACK After the recent teaser by SNK, the video was released this morning: Rugal is in Metal Slug Defense, and man, he’s a hell of a boss….

#CantonCup and #KOFGCC Youtube Replays

Canton Cup 2016 Here are the Grand Finals with Xiaohai (Player 1) – him getting there was to be expected, but the ending was certainly not what you expect!!! Player 2’s name is Terry, using the gamertag King of Rarka…. Why was there a big pause during the final…

1st Asia Clash Tournament results [KOF98UM] @ Arcade cafe, Dubai

The 1st Asia Clash KOF98UM tournament sponsored by Arcade Cafe  was held in Dubai, UAE on Friday 5th December 2014 The tournament featured guest players from Taiwan (ET & Boazi), Pakistan (Kashif Yagami, Hammad & Kamran), Bahrain (Hani, Yousef & Alansary)  in addition to the local KOF community Congratulations to The…

The 1st Asia Clash [KOF98UM Tournament]

My friends at Dubai’s Arcade Club are holding a big tournament dedicated to The King of fighters 98 unlimited match to celebrate the opening of the new arcade in Dubai. The teams of two tournament planned for 3rd & 4th of December will feature top KOF98UM players from Asian countries….