Poll Max Mode KOFXIV

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Best way to fix Max Mode No change Reduce Max Mode Auto Run Speed Damage Scaling from cancel activation Activate only from cancellable normals Activate from specific normals, different per character No change but nerf characters normals such as K' far B Increase meter cost to activate Buff everyone's LK...

Romance latest report on #KOFXIV

Here is what I (Romance) see and what I think about ?#?CEO2016? and ?#?KOFXIV? enjoy and let’s talk about if you want! CEO2016 AND KOFXIV #CEO2016 comes to an end this weekend and with it the last time I played KOF XIV. The graphics that we saw in the first…

MSB Sunday Replays

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Including Frionel versus 2pac FT10! Catch the rest of their footage here! http://maxmode.tv/81-news/126-supermsb01

Maxmode Champions League

Hokuto from Maxmode told me that this new system will make sure everyone gets to fight everyone. The concept is really simple: 2 tournaments, the first one October 14, the second one October 21. Those tournament are linked to each other. Opened to 16 participants, 12 of which are already…

Tournament Replays : SSK12, i45, MM3v3, Hypemania

insomnia45 from UK 3vs3 Maxmode SSK12 Watch live video from ShadowlooHQ on TwitchTV Hypemania 2012 Watch live video from team_ds on TwitchTV Comparing the Mexicans and Europeans to The Japanese and Chinese… what do you think?