Words from Ren #esb2k12 Results n Youtube Replays

   FGC News ,,   November 13, 2012  1 Comment

Our French speakers might be interested in the 3 minute documentary spots on the event, Episode 8 features a few words from Ren (in English with French subtitles). If you are absolutely helpless and cannot find episode 8, here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJGPjwcPYz8 Otherwise here are the youtube replays Results 1….

‘The Butcher’ wins Road to Evo!

Salim has defeated Frionel in a shocking upset to take 1st place! We are now gathering up entrance fees and taking in last minute donations to see if we can fly him over to Evo… perhaps Reynald, Mr KOF and Balla are hoping we can’t :3

Maxmode.net Launches!

Hokuto Youssef, owner of La Mythik arcade, has launched a new site: Maxmode.  We managed to get hold of the busy man in order to answer a few questions and reveal any info he’s been keeping secret about XIII… Why did you launch Maxmode.net? After closing “la Mythik” unfortunately I…

Bata vs Salim: The Unlimited Faceoff

   FGC News ,,   February 15, 2011  3 Comments

The epic battle between France and Japan’s finest took place on British soil (oddly enough this always seems to happen here) after the 2002um tournament. Bata had emerged victorious tournament champion, defeating Salim in the semi finals in two games.   Now in this faceoff, it was between them and…