KOFXIII Double Stun Combo by KenshinTL

Team Lago’s  very own KenshinTL from Tijuana Mexico recently uploaded a video with Hwa Jai for KOFXIII demonstrating a double stun combo with one meter and full drive. Definetely something to take note of…. Enjoy!!!  

EVO 2012 – End of the Road

As soon as that register link opens, there’s going to be almshouse.  Why?  Because there are a limited amount of T-shirts that will be given to those who enter the KOF XIII tournament.  Nuff said.  Now where’s that credit card?  Anyone want to look after Gunny and Cristina in their…

Matches from Evo feat. Salim, No17, Mr KOF, Laban, Kane317, The Answer

As you know, Salim was our Road to Evo winner and went to Las Vegas to compete at the grand tournament.  However he crashed out at 13th.  What happened?  The following report is translated by Delphine from Maxmode.net so if you can read French, nip over there.  After the (in…

‘The Butcher’ wins Road to Evo!

Salim has defeated Frionel in a shocking upset to take 1st place! We are now gathering up entrance fees and taking in last minute donations to see if we can fly him over to Evo… perhaps Reynald, Mr KOF and Balla are hoping we can’t :3